the birth of “Drafts & Crafts” at MSB


Several months ago, as my youngest son approached his two year birthday, I yearned to teach more art classes.  Mainly I missed feeling that personal connection when making art, but I also missed PROVIDING that meaningful connection to others.   I wanted to offer art experiences to mothers, fathers, friends, students, and neighbors alike who also needed a creative outlet woven into their day.  I had a lot of ideas for this but had a big problem: I did not have a space to do the art-making.  Also- I voiced my grand plans to friends but lamented when I did not have a personal “in” with a brewery (my mind was set that the craft should be paired with drafts. Drafts & Crafts!).  Luckily I have a supportive group of girlfriends (thanks Beth, Heather, and Sarah!!!) who urged me to reach out despite my fear that I would be rejected- what was I afraid of? So back in February I emailed Mustang Sally Brewing Co. (MSB) in Chantilly, VA  and offered some suggestions for future Drafts and Crafts. And guess what- they were excited!  They were happy to work with me and graciously offered their space EVERY MONTH.  I still can not believe that I almost did not initiate the conversation in the first place.  My point after writing all of this is- if you are passionate about anything- do not let fear create weird scenarios for you.  Do not let fear fuel your anxiety.  

I am happy to say that we have had FIVE successful Drafts & Crafts since my first conversation with the lovely Brittany and Zoe at MSB.  I am so lucky that I’ve joined forces with such a supportive and flexible creative team.  It’s a gift to have a well known business take my small business under its wing.  


If you have not had the opportunity to attend a Drafts & Crafts, I hope you are able to in the near future.  The next one is August 21, 2019.  More details and a link to purchase tickets will be posted on my facebook page Art by Sheena Colleen very soon.  

All the best,