Sheena Colleen Winter/Spring Classes- Home Studio

UPDATE: Sadly, I cancelled my spring schedule because of the Covid-19 pandemic. I hope there will be more opportunities for classes in the future. Please check out how you can book me for a zoom paint party by heading to my Art Party tab!

I am thrilled to offer 5 pop-up classes over the next five months at my home studio. Each class is held on Saturday mornings from 9-10:30am. You may drop off your child, or choose to stay. Prior to class you will receive an email with drop off or pick up details. Sign up for one, or all five for a multi-class discount. See class descriptions below and click the links to register. Space is limited so register early. Thank you for supporting arts education in your child’s life.

February 15th, 9:00am-10:30am: Family Portraits

These are great keepsakes! I will go over body proportions and demonstrate tips for starting a composition and then the kids will paint a one of a kind family portrait on canvas. Best for ages 4 and up. Sign up here for this amazing art lesson.

March 21st, 9:00am-10:30am: Discover the Rainbow

What colors make up the rainbow? We’ll find out! Then we’ll make our own paintings on canvas using what we learn about colors and color families. Be prepared for this class to knock your socks off. Best for ages 4 and up. Sign up here for this amazing lesson where the kids will have a ball mixing their own colors and using them on canvas.

April 18th, 9:00-10:30am: Beautiful Virginia!

Let’s explore our beautiful state and learn about the types of flowers and trees that grow here. We will paint our own Virginia landscapes on canvas after learning about all of it’s natural beauty. Best for ages 4 and up. Sign up for this special class here.

May 9th, 9:00-10:30am: Awesome Abstract!

In this class the kids will hear all about the interesting lives of abstract artists and practice the fun art of abstract painting! We’ll even talk about how abstract art can express how we feel. The kids will leave with a meaningful painting on canvas. Best for ages 4 and up. Sign up for this thoughtful workshop here.

June 6th, 9:00-10:30am: Animals in Art

Name a kid who isn’t interested in animals. I’ll wait. In this class, we’ll explore how animals are in A LOT of paintings, and then we’ll paint our own animals on canvas. We will learn all about shapes, patterns, backgrounds, and animal proportions. These are precious. Best for ages 4 and up. Sign up for this timeless lesson here.

Toddler Art Play at Sheena’s home studio

Where/When: Spring session STAY TUNED

Time: 10-10:45am, $10 a session or $55 for all six

Who: Best for almost walkers- 3yrs

Do you have a toddler at your house that is not quite preschool age but is interested in all the things?!! I do! I do!! Then please bring your toddler to my studio for Art Play! During the 45 minute sessions, I will provide an open-ended art experience (mostly outside- weather permitting) where the kids will explore multiple art materials and have fun in the PROCESS of art. Process art means the kids may not leave each session with a completed work of art, but they WILL leave with the experience of creating. This is perfect for this age group. I hope you join us. The kids will have a blast together as they navigate the wonderful world of art and play.

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