Art Party Examples

One of my favorite things to do is collaborate with you-the host- on a theme for the art party.  I enjoy molding ideas into age appropriate lessons so that each party attendee leaves feeling successful and happy with their work.  Here are a few examples but I am always adding to the portfolio!  Please inquire if you need assistance with choosing a direction for your art party.

Unicorn Paint Party

Best suited for 10-15 year olds.  This can be adapted for younger age groups as well 🙂


Shibori Tie Dye Party

Experience the Japanese art of Shibori and learn how to fold and bind totes, hankies, tees, or whatever your heart desires.  This would be a fun adult party theme- but could also be fun for teenagers- think boy scouts or girl scouts!


Agate and Geode watercolor painting

These are STUNNING in a frame.  Impress your circle of friends and let’s paint gemstones and crystals!  David Bowie soundtrack included :).  You’ll learn basic watercolor techniques to paint these beauties.  Best suited for adults.

Stay tuned for more.   Contact me if you have a great idea!  I accommodate all age levels.